07 / December / 2019


Armenia ranked 129th in UN World Happiness Report
Armenia ranks 129th out of 156 countries in the World Happiness Report 2018 by the United Nations (UN). Its neighbors Georgia and Azerbaijan are ranked 128th and 87th, respectively, in this report. Variables such as healthy life expectancy, social support, and corruption are considered when assessing the level of people’s happiness in a given country. According to this report, Finland is the happiest country in the world.
2018-03-15 12:07:53
Левон Аронян черными победил Сергея Карякина
Левон Аронян черными победил Сергея Карякина
2018-03-15 12:07:09
Candidates Tournament 2018: Armenia’s Aronian beats Russia’s Karjakin
Grandmaster (GM) Levon Aronian (Armenia) beat GM Sergey Karjakin (Russia) during the fourth round of the Candidates Tournament 2018, which kicked off in Berlin
2018-03-15 12:06:29
Seekers of Armenians’ “treasures” detained in Turkey
Police in Turkey have detained the seekers of “treasures” hidden by Armenians, in Kayseri town. Kayseri law enforcement received a report that some persons were secretly drilling in a place, and with the hope of finding treasures, according to Cumhuriyet newspaper of Turkey. The police officers who arrived at the scene detained three persons, who confessed that they wanted to find a treasure because they had heard that there are a large number of treasures that were hidden a long t...
2018-03-13 11:35:13
Sky News report from inside #Afrin
Sky News report from inside #Afrin .Hospitals are struggling to save those caught up in airstrikes and shelling, many of them young children, in a city under siege. Via @mutludc
2018-03-13 11:08:31
14 Armenia communities to hold local elections on Sunday
Local elections will be conducted Sunday in fourteen communities of Armenia. Opposition “Way Out” (Yelk) bloc, however, has nominated no candidate in any of these communities. Like all other elections, the ruling Republican Party of Armenia has a contender in most of these communes. An actual “battle” is expected solely in Noramarg and Debed villages of the Ararat and the Lori Provinces, respectively. And in the Kotayk Province, there will be a local election only in ...
2018-03-10 11:56:13
Armenia ranked 34th among 50 cheapest countries to live in
Armenia is ranked 34th on the GOBankingRates’ list of 50 countries with the cheapest cost of living. “Stunning scenery dotted with Greco-Roman and medieval ruins aren’t the only reasons you’d want to spend a lifetime exploring Armenia,” the country’s respective description reads. “It’s one of the countries with the cheapest cost of living, with rents that are 91 percent lower than NYC [New York City].” Armenia’s neighbors, Azerbaijan ...
2018-03-09 12:58:44
US man extradited from Armenia was arrested on 3 counts of sexual abuse
A U.S. citizen fugitive, who has been extradited from Armenia to the United States, violated his pretrial release. Ben Reece, 35, was returned to Taylor County, Iowa, after allegedly skipping out on bond in 2017 and fleeing the country, reported. The sheriff's office says Reece was arrested in December 2016 on three counts of second-degree sexual abuse before posting bond in April 2017. Reece surfaced in December 2017 when he was arrested in Armenia. Following a lengthy process in...
2018-03-09 12:56:07
Armenian Highland was never called “eastern Anatolia’ before …
The government of Sultan Abdul Hamid II substituted the name Armenia with such terms as Kurdistan or Anatolia, fallaciously. Starting from 1880 the name Armenia was forbidden to be used in official documents. The Sublime Porte thus wanted to make everyone believe that the Armenian Question did not exist: if there was no Armenia, then there was no Armenian Question. The process of “nationalization” of toponyms was continued by the Kemalists, who were the ideological successors of the...
2018-03-06 13:07:26
Memorial for Serge Samoniantz Scheduled for Sunday
A memorial gathering celebrating the life of long-time community activist, former English Editor of Asbarez and devoted member of the Armenian Revolutionary Federation Serge Samoniantz will be held on Sunday, March 4 at 7 p.m. at the Montebello Armenian Center, 420 Washington Boulevard. Samoniantz passed away on Monday, February 26. In lieu of flowers contributions may be made to Asbarez and Hai Tahd. Checks may be payable to Armenian Media Network, 1203 North Vermont Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 9...
2018-03-02 12:28:40
The Protocols Were Wrong to Begin With
BY ARA KHACHATOURIAN President Serzh Sarkisian’s announcement Thursday declaring the Turkey-Armenia Protocols null and void is not cause for celebration, but rather yet another opportunity to assert that the entire process that began in June 2008 was categorically wrong and compromised the entire Armenian Nation, as well as the national security of Armenia. While the narrative woven by Yerevan has been that Armenia initiated the dangerous process as a means to advance peace in the region...
2018-03-02 12:28:01
AYF Alumni Reunion to Feature Onnik Dinkjian & Legendary Lineup
MONTEBELLO— The much-anticipated Armenian Youth Federation Alumni Reunion, set for Saturday, March 10, will feature a legendary lineup of headlining entertainers for the evening: Onnik Dinkjian, John Berberian, Hachig Kazarian, Ara Dinkjian, and George Bilezekjian. The event will take place at Holy Cross Armenian Apostolic Cathedral’s Bagramian Hall. People have already purchased tickets from Northern California, Fresno, Oregon, Michigan, Boston, and more. The AYF Alumni Reunion Com...
2018-02-27 12:22:07
DC Community Marks 30 Years of Artsakh Resistance and Resilience
WASHINGTON—The Greater Washington Armenian American community – led by the Armenian National Committee of Greater Washington and the Armenian Youth Federation Washington Ani chapter – rallied Subday in Soorp Khatch Church and on the streets of our nation’s capital to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Artsakh’s struggle for liberation and condemn the massacre of Armenians in Baku and Sumgait. Speaking to a packed audience at the Soorp Khatch Armenian Apostolic Churc...
2018-02-27 12:17:12
58-year-old man killed in Armenia car crash
YEREVAN. – A 58-year-old man was killed in a car accident in Lori region last night. Police said the VAZ 21099 vehicle went off the road and fell into a deep ravine. The body of 58-year-old Hrant Gevorgyan was found in the car, reported. According to experts, the man died several hours before the arrival of rescuers. It was also revealed that the number plate had been removed.
2018-02-24 13:54:53
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