18 / September / 2019

Spayka will invest $ 20 million in construction of new greenhouses

Spayka will invest $ 20 million in the construction of new greenhouses in Armenia in 2017. Currently, the company owns 35 hectares of greenhouses, where it grows tomatoes and cucumbers. By the end of the year it is planned to build another 20 hectares of greenhouses and create about 200 new jobs, said Karen Baghdasaryan, the head of the project management department of Spayka.

According to him, the first greenhouse complex of Spayka was built in 2014. It grew radish for exports to Russia. In a year, the company seized about 15-20% of the Russian market. Although the project was very successful, two years later the company decided to rebuild the complex: the production of radish was organized on the open ground (where instead of 9000 tons they started to produce 6000 tons of products; in the future, the harvest volumes are planned to be increased to 10,000 tons), whereas the greenhouses were used for growing tomatoes and cucumbers.

Today, Spayka's greenhouses have a total area of 35 hectares, from where they receive about 15,000 tons of tomatoes of Dutch varieties and gherkin

cucumbers. After increasing the area of greenhouses to 55 hectares the company plans to receive more than 25 000 tons of products per year. There will be working about 600-700 people instead of the current 450 in these greenhouses.

To date, most of the vegetables from the greenhouses Spayka are exported to Russia. The demand there, according to Baghdasaryan, is great. As Baghdasaryan noted, when the volume of production increases, it will be possible to think about the organization of exports to the EU countries.

As the employees of the Spayka greenhouses told the journalists, tomatoes and cucumbers are grown hydroponically - a method of growing plants in the artificial environment without soil. All the nutrients needed for vegetables are dissolved in water, through which they are transferred to the plants. Instead of the usual soil, a coconut substrate is used. Each bush of a tomato, as the employees said, can reach 7-8 meters in length and yield about 7-8 kg of tomatoes per season.


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