27 / January / 2020

Armenia-Azerbajian friendship platform is Aliev's regime dark project. Vahan Martirosyan

Scandalous Vahan Martirosyan, who is in international wanted list for criminal crimes of domestic character, and, a man, who considered an enemy of the people in Armenia for their "escape" to Azerbaijan has decided to cover up the perfidious intentions of Azerbajian.

Recently, this controversial man, senda video message in which he hastened to reveal the true intentions of the Azerbaijani dictatorial regime and tried to justify his step regarded by the Armenians as a betrayal.

"It's time to reveal another false propaganda of Azerbaijan and the Aliyev regime, - Martirosyan said, - with this lie, an official Baku tried to close the eyes of the civilized world, Armenians and its own people again, hiding the policy of hatred and xenophobia under the pretext of working on a platform of friendship between Armenia and Azerbaijan", - he explained.

Besides, - contiunes Martirosyan, - Armenian people probably know that he was behind the creation of this lie [platform]. "For a long time I guided this platform, sincerely believing that we are lucky to bring the warring nations together, but after some time we came across the appalling inner cuisine of Baku's policy, we finally understand that the tolerance of the Azeri authorities turned out to be a mask behind which is hidden the dictatorial and aggressor essence of this country", - he said.

Moreover, the platform has nothing in common Azerbaijan's society. It was created and managed by the [Azeri] authorities and special services. All members of that platform are marionettes: journalists, ombudsmen, and some representatives of the European organization. "All of them are financially dependent on the ruling-regime", - stressed Martirosyan.

He also added that all the evidence of the crimes and lies of Azerbaijan will be presented by him as the one who managed to penetrate into the enemy's den and from the inside to put together a real picture of what is happening in that country.

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Armenia-Azerbajian friendship platform is Aliev's regime dark project. Vahan Martirosyan

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