17 / September / 2019

World Changed Overnight: How Will It Affect Karabakh?

The world changed overnight, and the June 3 terrorist attack in London will mark the start of a new era in history.

The terrorism in London was the last drop in the cup of patience of Western leaders. Recently, terrorist actions have been frequent but every time the Western leaders announced that the terrorists fail to force the Western world to step out of the way of tolerance, equality and multi-culturalism. In other words, the west stated that it is not likely to go for a conflict, a crusade.

The West stated that it is not going to use Article 5 of NATO Charter against the terrorist threat which is obviously financed from somewhere.
The change of the West’s policy happened gradually.

A few years ago Germany and Britain announced that they give up on multi-culturalism. Germany announced that the migrants living in the country should abide by the German laws. After giving up on multi-culturalism the relations between Germany and Turkey started aggravating, and the recognition of the Armenian genocide by Bundestag was the culmination. Now Germany has announced its intention of withdrawing its forces from Incirlik.

Earlier on 11 September 2001 the United States demanded enforcement of Article 5 of NATO Charter, and the alliance entered Afghanistan. At that time the term Islamic radicalism was coined and its threat appeared.

Now the situation has changed radically. After the terrorist attack in London Donald Trump announced that it is time to stop being politically correct and everything is going to be worse unless we grow smart, everything will be worse. In addition, the UK Prime Minister Tereza May has announced about a tougher policy on radicals and internet control. Germany and France will most probably support the events.

The West was fighting to choose democracy in prejudice of threats to security and civilization. Now, apparently, the cup of patience is full, and the West is changing tactics. Demographers say it will hardly lead to massive leave of Muslims from Europe but resistance and clash will certainly be there.

Armenia is at the front line of the conflict of civilizations. The conflict in Karabakh was one of the elements of the conflict between the civilizations. As the West preferred tolerance to security, the proposals on the settlement of the Karabakh conflict included “the return of Azerbaijani refugees”, “the withdrawal of troops” and so on. These points were gradually pushed into the backstage, and peace and prevention of a new war. Moreover, the Western world did not “criticize” Armenia for maintaining the status quo and guarding the border of the civilization.

How will the attitude of the West towards the Karabakh settlement change and will it get tougher for to terrorism “after stopping being politically correct”. Moreover, Karabakh started speaking about fighting against terrorism after the April war with the inhuman cruelty of the Azerbaijanis.

The Arab world has felt the sudden change of the West’s moods. Bahrein, Saudi, UAE and Egypt have cut their diplomatic ties with Qatar, criticizing it for supporting terrorism and radicalism. It is possible that the Arab countries thought the West may apply Article 5 and hurried to shed responsibility.

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