18 / September / 2019

Azerbaijan Gave up on Azerbaijan

According to the Turkish media, the Turkish minister of economy Nihat Zeybekci visited Kars where he announced about free trade with Nakhijevan. According to him, the process of free movement of goods between Nakhijevan and Turkey is being worked out.

Zeybekci said trade will be conducted in Turkish lira, free trade will promote the development of the region of Kars. Earlier Turkish-Azerbaijani joint military exercise was held in Nakhijevan. The Turkish army has actual presence in Nakhijevan. Next the office of the Turkish ministry of economy will be opened there.

Turkey is conducting a policy of Turkification of Kars and other regions bordering with Armenia. Azerbaijanis move to live there, do business, often clashing with the local Kurdish population. Free trade between Nakhijevan and Kars is part of this policy.

The Russian experts responded immediately with a conclusion that Azerbaijan has given Nakhijevan away to Turkey. They have gone too far, linking the Turkish minister’s statement with the intention to lay out a trade route between China and Europe bypassing Russia.

Regnum has published an article by the Russian expert Stanislav Tarasov who dismisses such concerns. He particularly reminds that Article 5 of the Treaty of Kars signed in 1921 laid down the status of Nakhijevan as an autonomous district under the aegis of Azerbaijan. This means that Nakhijevan is not part of Azerbaijan but is a protectorate, and there can be no word about Azerbaijan giving away part of its territory to Turkey.

Besides, the joint training and the opening of the office of the Turkish ministry of economy do not contradict that treaty, Tarasov writes. Otherwise, he writes, Russia would not remain quiet.
The treaty of Kars was signed by Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia and Turkey, with Russia’s participation.

Stanislav Tarasov is considered a so-called pro-Armenian expert but he remains a Russian expert and intends to create a positive image of Russia for the Armenians. For example, he has repetitively justified the supply of Russian weapons to Azerbaijan.
In this article, speaking about the processes underway in Nakhijevan and mentioning international treaties, he silences historical events and one of the episodes of Russia’s criminal policy on Armenia and the Armenians.

The truth is that under the Treaty of Kars Russia gave away part of East Armenia, Nakhijevan and Karabakh to Turkey and Azerbaijan.

In addition, Russia did not have to do that. Moreover, in that stage Turkey was facing collapse, and Russia helped it to stand up by giving away those territories.

Russia is currently facing the consequences of its own policy and the references to the Treaty of Kars are simply funny. Indeed, Azerbaijan has given away Nakhijevan to Turkey, and the Treaty of Kars is a weapon for the Turks. Does Moscow intend to correct the situation? This seems almost impossible, considering the nature and current resources of the Russian policy.
On the other hand, in order to put things to order, Armenia must raise the issue of the status of Nakhijevan to avoid such a destiny later. This is a matter of rights to Nakhijevan. Armenian experts regularly speak about it, noting that raising the issue will cause the importance of the Armenian state increase on the one hand, and on the other hand, possible external support.

However, there is no state policy. The so-called political parties do not talk about the issue. They care for seats in parliament and the feeder, as well as petty intrigues, hiding behind the pathetic belief that one should stretch their feet to the length of their blanket. They even want to give away Karabakh, let alone Nakhijevan.

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