22 / November / 2019

It's Obvious What the Governance System Is and Will Be has been Interviewed the Member of Parliament Vardan Bostanjyan, Tsarukyan Faction.

Mr. Bostanjyan, the economists say this government’s program shows that this is a government that lives for the day. In fact, is this government for the next five years or not?

At any rate, immersing oneself into it is not a rewarding experience, I think. It is obvious what our system of governance is and what it is going to look like. The high-ranking official uttered this at the parliament. Now, I think it is not a rewarding experience to continue asking questions about this because asking questions does not change anything. The process is going on as it should, perhaps. Those were not political questions in as much as concerns about the future. We could have doubted or someone else might have asked this question. However, asking a question does not mean solving a question, and since doesn’t, it is useless to continue discussions, analyses on this topic.

What do you think, will Karen Karapetyan be capable of achieving certain changes in the economy, reboot, as he puts it?

As far as I know the prime minister, and I have known him for quite a while, since the Soviet times, I know him as a rational, substantial and effective person who does not go for useless things. And I’ve no idea that such a kind is suddenly not ready for even extremely difficult work. The problem is somewhere else – what possibilities there are for him to do it. We all are mortals and we have limits to our possibilities. Of course, it is clear that it is impossible the prime minister does not go for the better. For example, his thoughts on the investment program and his efforts, depending on the circumstance that we have seen no investment so far, is not just a wish but a direction that he is looking for, and if he is not moving in that direction, there might be other reasons. In the first place, we must be able to understand and rid of those reasons.

Where are the reasons hiding?

The reasons are hiding in many things, such as the abundance of corruption risks, lack of free competition and rule of law. We can list a lot of things in a row but aside from these reasons one should realize that there are complicated regional issues. With regard to neighbors, there is a powerful neighbor above, another powerful neighbor below, right and left blockades pursuing different interests, which help negative phenomena to be more vivid in the Republic of Armenia.

Mr. Bostanjyan, one way or another, the government will work until April. What will happen is not known. It turns out that each prime minister brings their program, their promises and words are not translated to action. Many say Karapetyan will soon follow Hovik Abrahamyan.

This is a good question. At any rate, each prime minister presented their program, and in one case it will last 5 months, in the other case, 7 months. Every country is guided by the interests of their, and in all other cases the change of prime ministers or governors, change of the system should not mean anything in terms of solution of the problems facing the country. We have let the reality go and are guided by what is written on paper. We say it is 100 pages, it’s long or it’s short, whereas we must leave all this aside and think about the problems of the country. Obviously, our country has problems with development. It is security that we can provide. Israel which was formed in 1948 and its territory is 8000 square km less than Armenia’s which had not enough lands and water. And they succeeded creating one of the most powerful countries of the world which is one of the 10 countries with the best defense industry. In other words, I have no doubt that Armenia also has potential for ensuring its own security and have all that. As a result, we will have progress because in the current setting you cannot ensure security, create jobs, increase income with artisans and guilds. We need to think about this, not develop some concept note, do this, do that. In the long-term perspective, these are philosophical approaches which have no meaning to the development of the country. The development of the country requires clear raising of quantitative and qualitative issues and their consistent solution.

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