21 / May / 2018

Volodin's Indecent Proposal to Armenia

The president of the Russian Duma Vyacheslav Volodin has proposed to the Armenian government to give an official status to the Russian language, TASS informed. Volodin uttered this proposal in answer to the concerns that the Armenian driving license will not be valid in Russia starting from June 1. He said if the Russian language becomes the official language of Armenia, the Armenian driving license will be valid in Russia.

Volodin stated this in a meeting with the Armenian delegation headed by the Speaker of the National Assembly Ara Babloyan. Babloyan is visiting Moscow from July 17 to 19.
Russia enacted the law ending the validity of driving license of other countries in Russia on June 1. Then the State Duma adopted another regulation according to which the ban does not apply to countries where Russian is an official language.

“I can say only one thing: give it [the Russian language] an official status, and that legal provision will then automatically apply to Armenia,” Volodin stated, TASS informed. Volodin said so in answer to the issue of driving license raised by Babloyan during their meeting. According to him, TASS informed, the citizens of Armenia were left out after the adoption of the law providing for an official status of the Russian language.

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