23 / January / 2020

Germany Declared War on Turkey: Who's Next?

The German foreign minister Zigmar Gabriel has announced about change in Germany’s attitude to Turkey. This decision was made after the meeting of Angela Merkel with the president of the Social Democratic Party Martin Shultz, Gabriel announced on July 20.

That day may remain in history as the beginning of initiation of a new structure of the region of the Greater Near East. Germany may be followed by other countries, such as Austria, the Netherlands, Belgium, Sweden which have recently banned the entry of Turkish ministers. And this process may end up in signing another “Treaty of Lausanne”.

According to Gabriel, the conditions under which Germany provides loans and economic assistance to Turkey, as well as the EU support to prepare Turkey’s membership are going to be reviewed. Besides, the German ministry of foreign affairs has given a stronger warning to its citizens visiting Turkey on danger to their security.

The relations with Turkey cannot be developed in the former way, Gabriel announced.
A consequence of such change could be not only the refusal of the current level of cooperation but also sanctions on Turkey which may be a catastrophe for Ankara. Turkey lacks resources to tackle the sanctions.

Note that recently the European Parliament has called on the European Commission to bring to a halt the negotiations with Turkey on its membership to the EU and support to reforms. And the head of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker announced that the doors of the EU will be closed to Turkey if Turkey restores the capital punishment. Besides, the international press writes that Turkey’s intention to buy C400 air defense systems from Russia and several other steps question its membership. Turkey seems to be provoking Germany and the European Union into a conflict to appear in a setting of a conflict which will favor itself the most. Turkey is not used to equal competitions and sustainable relations. Fighting, expansion, invasions is closer to its spirit.

In fact, a process of an open German-Turkish conflict is starting which may end up in an open conflict between the west and Turkey. Apparently, the start of the conflict was June 2015 when Bundestag adopted the resolution on recognition of the Armenian genocide. Germany has declassified documents relating to the Genocide this year.

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