27 / January / 2020

Exclusive from Los Angeles․I don't want to see Armenia destroyed or bankrupt in 50 years.Ken Davitian

Interview with American-Armenian actor Ken Davitian


1. What is the progress in entertainment, art or movie industry among Armenians in the US for the past couple years?

-I was happy to notice that there has been a lot of progress for the past 5 years. Before as armenian community we were mostly involved in political organizations, but now the community is getting close ser to art and entertainment industry. 

2. As an American with armenian decent do you feel an obligation to help your fellow armenians in US to succeed?

- Yes I think it is obvious that I do, but they do have to prove their worth. I can only point and give advice, but they have to do the work.

3. We know of your unconditional support of Armenian youth, why do you think it is important to support them?

- They are the next generation. We live in a successful country where there are tumo kids or children with other interests who start their path early and we see the growth instantly. This country invests in the next generation. We have to do the same for Armenian youth here and in Armenia, specially the ones in Armenia. I don’t want Armenia not to exist in 50 years, or for the country to go bankrupt. We all will be guilty if something like that happens. But it’s not about feeling sorry that we need to think, we have to do everything for next generation to be proud for living in Armenia, because they have good opportunities there. That’s what I want. It’s what we do for next generation and what we teach them.

4. How did you get involved with Mellardi fashion show?

- Lilya Avagyan, Armenian TV host who will be co-hosting the show with me introduced her to me. This is a clear example of me supporting youth. A young and talented lady is doing her first steps and we’re there to support!

5. What would be your advice to Maria Grigoryan as an Armenian designer who’s striving to succeed in the US?

-I i would advice her to know her craft, believe in herself and be persistent

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