18 / September / 2019

Masis Mayilian: Same laws are valid in both Stepanakert and on left bank of Araxes River

The same law, the same legal framework is valid both in the capital city Stepanakert of Artsakh, and, say, on the left bank of the Araxes River.

Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabakh Republic/NKR), Masis Mayilian, stated the abovementioned in an interview with Iranian political analyst and journalist Salar Seifeddine.

When asked about his relations with other countries considering the fact that he is the FM of an unrecognized state, Mayilian responded as follows, in particular: “I do not see any contradiction. Our republic was proclaimed in 1991, and it is natural that we need to have foreign relations, including to achieve international recognition.

“The Republic of Artsakh fully complies with the standards (…) of the international legal subject of states, which is specified by the 1933 Montevideo Convention on the Rights and Duties of States.

“The fact that the Republic of Artsakh has not yet been recognized by the UN member states cannot question the reality that Artsakh is an important politico-military factor in the region.

“The process of Artsakh’s recognition has begun.”

To the remark that after ultimately signing a peace agreement with Baku, some territories will probably be need to be handed over to Azerbaijan, and when asked, in this case, whether Karabakh may no longer have a border with Iran, Masis Mayilian responded as follows: “Our national borders of today do not go beyond historical Artsakh. It should also be noted that several territories of the Republic of Artsakh—for example, the Shahumyan Region, some parts of the Martakert and the Martuni Regions, which constitute about 15 percent of the territory of the republic—are occupied by Azerbaijan, to this day.

“The territories under Artsakh’s jurisdiction are specified by the Artsakh Republic Constitution that is adopted by a nationwide referendum, and which expresses the will of our people.”

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