20 / September / 2017

No evacuation and panic in Artsakh, people live their daily life: Pargev archbishop Martirosyan

As it has already been reported, during the night of April the 1-2 the opponent took active offensive operations along the entire line of contact of Karabakh-Azerbaijani armed forces, during which they have made artillery and air force attacks in the direction of not only defensive posts of Armenian armed forces, but also towards civilians. (Yelaket media) contacted the Primate of the Diocese of Artsakh, Pargev archbishop Martirosyan, in order to get information about the situation in Artsakh and particularly in the tense areas.

“Everything is fine, people live their daily life, no panic is observed”,- said Pargev archbishop Martirosyan.
And to our question, whether there are any evacuations, he replied:
“No, there are no evacuations, people are in their houses, doing their chores, people go to work, schools are open, and even in those places, where the tension was noticed, there has been no, evacuation, people live their daily life”,- concluded the Diocese of Artsakh, Pargev archbishop Martirosyan.

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