28 / February / 2020

Armenia analyst: East-West relations have been transformed in 2017

YEREVAN. – In the year past, relations between the East and the West have been radically transformed, since it was considered that these relations had gone on predominantly under the advancement of the West’s interests, over the last 500 years.

Armenia’s Noravank Scientific Educational Foundation Executive Director, political scientist Gagik Harutyunyan, expressed such a view at a press conference on Wednesday.

In his words, as a result, any phenomenon occurring in this region is a reflection of the ongoing global processes.

Harutyunyan added that the current confrontation between the US and North Korea recalls the Caribbean crisis in1962.

The analyst added, however, that Washington’s policy is not aimed so much against North Korea, but against its ally, China.

Separately, Hartyunyan stated that the concept of “West” has disappeared after the Second World War because the Anglo-Saxon society, which is considered to be the dominant force in the Western world, has started pursuing more limited and local interests, instead of global ones.

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