20 / September / 2017

If our army takes serious steps in response to the enemy's attacks, Azerbaijani will not be able to resist: political scientist.

"" had a talk with Ara Papyan about the tense situation on Karabakh-Azerbaijani contact line, during which the latter labeled the already known events as a non-large-scale war. "In my opinion, taking into consideration the use of tanks, air forces and military equipment and also the front actions from Fizouly to Martakert, it's definitely a war. Of course, that it's not an expansive war yet, i.e. one with massive forces, still there is some information, according to which the Azerbaijanese are involving more and more new forces onto the front line, so it's quite possible that this, unless they constrain during the night, particularly if Azerbaijani keeps calm, will likely enlarge the scales".

The political scientist is full of hopes, that our actions will make the enemy sober. He also remarked that our army counterattacks the enemy in the proper way. "It seems, in that sense our actions are quite succeeded, because Azerbaijani failed in moving forward. To me, their problem was to go farther towards, at least, one direction and to have any vital success. They had neither of them,with the exception of few footholds, which were conceded by our command, because quite often there is no sense in keeping those footholds and having more loses. We can concede then take them back, whereas Azerbaijani has had more serious loses".
To our question whether the occupation of these territories will promote the continuation of further actions by Azerbaijani, the political scientist replies that it's not a great conquest, particularly if we take into account what the invasion of those territories cost them.
" They are at least in panic. If our army takes serious steps in response to the enemy's attacks, Azerbaijani will not be able to resist".

In the end, Mr. Papyan also added that Aliev is currently in an inextricable situation, as the tense situation on the border has other reasons too.
"The fall of the price of the oil arouses social-economic difficulties, plus the religious-genetic discontent, and this all made Aliev take venturesome actions. After all, the problem of deflecting exists, so at this moment there is a problem of uniting the nation against the mutual enemy. Aliev also solves such kind of questions.

Hence, a lot depends on the inner situation of the country. On the other hand, this is the last chance for Azerbaijani: if they fail to solve this problem now, later it will not be possible, because the price of oil will never rise again, that's why the economy of Azerbaijani is no longer the same".


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