18 / August / 2017

International press compares the actions of Azerbaijan forces in Artsakh to the atrocities done by ISIS

The involvement of the members of ISIS in Azerbaijan and their participation in Artsakh-Azerbaijani borders in April has become a matter of discussion and great concern in different international media sources.
In Italian website the analyst finds similarities between actions of Azerbaijani in Artsakh and actions done by ISIS in Syria and Iraq. The Italian site stresses that beheading people or cutting their ears is typical of terrorists and the members of ISIS tend to boast about it
In Ezdipress website, the cruel death of the soldier of Yezidi decent and the publication of the photos have awakened great contempt among yezidi users. In the comment section of the website there are hundreds of comments, where the readers draw parallels between Azerbaijan and ISIS, stressing that Azerbaijan is not that different from ISIS. Majority of users consider the actions of Azerbaijan military forces as war crimes. In the same website Azerbaijani users also took in part in the discussion, these users not only they accept atrocities done by Azerbaijani soldiers, but also they stress that everything is allowed during war.
The fact,that the members of ISIS are fighting in Karabakh, is also confirmed by the ISNA site. “100 Azerbaijani solders who are members of ISIS, have returned to their home country from Syria in order to participate in the war against NK,” – the site writes.
ISNA writes that the members of ISIS, who are of Azerbaijani decent and whose number is near 100, have left Syria with the intention of participating in Karabakh War, are returning to their country through Turkey.
In this context, the news provided by the Azerbaijan media are crucially important, that Turkish special subdivision have arrived in Azerbaijan in a helicopter to move the bodies of the fellow soldiers to Turkey. Doing the analysis the media sources mentioned above point out the participation of Azerbaijan in ISIS and that the number of soldiers were 3000.


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