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Soccer Stars and Entrepreneurs: Football Players with Thriving Businesses

Football players are known for their skills on the pitch, but many of them have also found success off the field through their business ventures. From fashion lines to real estate development, these athletes have proven that they have a knack for entrepreneurship. This article will explore the business ventures of several successful football players and examine what has led to their success

David Beckham - Former England captain, Beckham has numerous business ventures including a Major League Soccer (MLS) team, Inter Miami CF, and several fashion and fragrance lines.

Cristiano Ronaldo - Portuguese forward Cristiano Ronaldo has his own fashion line, a hotel chain, and is a spokesperson for several brands.

Kaká - Brazilian attacking midfielder Kaká is involved in several business ventures, including real estate development, fashion, and technology.

Lionel Messi - Argentine forward Lionel Messi has several endorsement deals and also co-owns a hotel in Barcelona.

Neymar Jr. - Brazilian forward Neymar Jr. has endorsement deals with brands such as Nike and Red Bull, as well as his own fashion label, NN19.

These are just a few examples of football players who have used their success on the pitch to build successful businesses off of it.
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Published on 19 / December / 2022 : 09-58
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