26 / April / 2024 : 16-38

Apple lost its title as leading smartphone manufacturer: Who took its place?

Apple lost its title as the leading smartphone manufacturer: now, as of February 2024, its place was taken by Samsung, which sold 19.69 million smartphones, which is the best result among all existing brands. This is reported by The Korea Times with reference to data from the analytical firm Counterpoint Research.According to the publication, Samsung's market share in the European Union remains at 34%, and the company still remains in the leading position. The company also noted a noticeable increase in shipments in the US, where Apple has long dominated: from January to February 2024, Samsung increased its share of the US market from 20 to 36%, while Apple's share in the US decreased from 64 to 48%.Until recently, Apple was considered the leading brand in the global smartphone market, which took the leading position in September 2023, dethroning Samsung for the first time in 13 years. Now the American brand has moved to second place: by the end of February 2024, Apple shipped only 17.41 million devices and took 18% of the market, while Samsung - 20%.
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