11 / March / 2024 : 15-08

Bitcoin launchres a new record : It is now worth 70.000 dollars

Bitcoin has staged a remarkable comeback from its "crypto winter" period, recently hitting a new high above $71,000. After a significant rally from less than $16,000 in late 2022, the cryptocurrency surged to a record $71,209 on Monday morning UK time.

The previous peak of $68,550 in November 2021 had been fueled by retail investor euphoria and stimulus money from pandemic lockdowns, as well as the influence of historically low interest rates.
During the crypto winter, numerous investors were burned as the market underwent a challenging period. However, there has been a shift as institutional investors are now showing a growing interest in the leading cryptocurrency following the approval of new bitcoin exchange-traded funds (ETFs) by the US regulator. This change in sentiment marks a significant development in the cryptocurrency landscape as more traditional financial players enter the market.
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