06 / August / 2022 : 18-19
Artur Janibekyan and the founders of the Seaside Startup Summit are launching TripleS Venture capital firm From the world's first seaside startup camp to a global venture fund. A prominent entertainment executive, philanthropist, and entrepreneur Artur Janibekyan, along with the co-founders of “Seaside Startup Summit” - Hakob Hakobyan and Avag Simonyan, have founded a new international Venture Capital firm called Triple S Ventures. Triple S has decided to engage more actively in Armenia and abroad. It targets startups in the Pre-seed or Seed stages and plans to focus its investments across AI and Blockchain technologies, creator economy, SaaS platforms and Fintech. The founder of TripleS Ventures Artur Janibekyan has invested in over 15 startups in recent years and has a big interest in the development of the innovative startup culture. “There is a great potential not only in Armenia but also among Armenian youth that is spread all over the world. We aim to find these striking young minds and help them with funds and our network of mentors and professionals. TripleS is a structure that will be their guiding hand in the entrepreneurship world. My extensive experience in the Media world has proven that I have a refined skill and intuition in choosing people - human resources. I consider this one of the keys to my success as well. This is a small start of something grand and is an accumulated potential of talented people, a club of successful entrepreneurs who invest their money in innovative ideas." - said General Partner Artur Janibekyan. Triple S is a group of international entrepreneurs, investors, experts, and mentors, committed to helping the best impact-driven startup founders and ideas, by providing access to a network of partners, talent, investors, or customers and by sharing expert knowledge in the legal, marketing & finance fields.
"We have been organizing large-scale startup events annually, including the Seaside Startup Summit. Local venture funds, angel investors, and international accelerating programs have used these events for many years as a source to haunt startuppers. During the last years, hundreds of entrepreneurs and bold minds gathered around these events and created a pipeline for us." - said GP Hakob Hakobyan. "We believe that with the hyperactive drive seen across the startup ecosystem in the last 5 years, it is important for established startup players to take the lead in paving the way towards capacity building for the new startups. Our fund is most importantly looking to invest in scalable ideas and promising founders. It will support the startups that will add value to the growth of the Armenian High-Tech Ecosystem but won't limit ourselves and will invest in any idea and a prominent team that matches our requirements." - said the managing partner Avag Simonyan “We brought together successful LPs in the fund, who are also a network of internationally qualified and experienced field gurus. At TripleS ventures, we want promising ideas to ride on the skills, knowledge, and expertise that we have built over the years, thus empowering them to grow at an accelerated pace," said the venture partner Zareh Baghdasarian Triple S is also launching in the US- Southern California. The fund has set goals to expand its geographical targets soon, by expanding to North California. Ultimately, one of its goals is to provide expertise internationally and identify new investment opportunities by expanding to the following markets: EEU, US & the UK. The founders are planning to have larger funds in the future and are open to new partnerships and collaborations. The official website of the fund ishttps://triples.vc/en
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