29 / March / 2020 : 18-54

360 Tour to Garni, Geghart, Lavash Baking 

360Stories is an online community featuring 7,000 user-generated travel stories, each captured in high-definition 360-degree video or photography and augmented by content. We make booking travel activities more immersive, authentic and fun by bringing destinations to life through collective storytelling and technology.

Each story immerses travelers in a new destination with a user-directed experience, while offering activity and attraction recommendations – all bookable right from a phone or desktop. Viewed through a VR headset, the stories truly come to life.

You can see 360 Tour to Garni, Geghart this link https://360stories.com/armenia/experience/tour-to-garni-geghard-lavash-baking?fbclid=IwAR3uvkqr1SwqiKDMxyqiNCdwhkWqbMcc5V9G-1j-giB3I9SKzcGwsM_khz8

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