27 / February / 2024 : 14-52

Canada has introduced a new law that aims to combat online abuse - including life in prison for inciting genocide.

The proposed Online Harms Act requires social media platforms to remove posts - such as those which sexualise children - within 24 hours. The law would regulate social media companies, live streaming platforms and "user-uploaded adult content" websites. It lists seven categories of harmful content that providers would be required to remove from their websites. Banned content includes posts made to bully a child or those encouraging self-harm. The bill would ban deep-fakes, such as images that recently went viral showing Taylor Swift's head on a naked woman's body. Private messages sent between individuals would fall outside of the law's provisions, he added.
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's government also plans to amend the criminal code to increase hate crime penalties, including by introducing a new offense punishable by up to life imprisonment for those found guilty of inciting genocide. The new legislation comes amid tensions between the Canadian government and social media companies over a law that forces companies to pay Canadian news publishers for their content.
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