30 / March / 2020 : 16-07

Coronavirus: Latest figures on new COVID-19 infections and deaths


The pace of the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak means information is changing all the time. Here is the latest data on infection hotspots and deaths from the virus. If you're having trouble viewing the data.

The regularly updated statistics includes:

  • Global breakdown of COVID-19 deaths against active cases and recoveries from the disease
  • The number of daily new COVID-19 deaths and virus cases in key European countries
  • COVID-19 death rates per 1,000 infections
  • World maps showing which countries have been worst hit in terms of deaths and cases
  • A table breaking down of total and new deaths/cases in each country

Please note the number of cases a country has, and in particular the COVID-19 deaths per 1,000 infections, can be skewed by how much testing for the new coronavirus is done.

There is also a chart showing which age groups were hit hardest by fatal cases of COVID-19 in Italy, giving an insight into who is being worst affected.

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