04 / October / 2020 : 20-32

Dear Talysh and Lezgi brothers and sisters!

Dear Talysh and Lezgi brothers and sisters!
We are closely following the internal political developments in Azerbaijan, in particular, the growing protests in Talysh and Lezgin populated cities and villages of Azerbaijan, where the population is boycotting Aliyev's order to join the army and fight against Artsakh and Armenia.

Hundreds of victims reported among the Lezgin and Talysh population provoked the protests.

The modus operandi of the Azerbaijani political clan to use them as a living target and get rid of them in this way has not changed for decades.

We value the deep understanding of our cause by the native people of Azerbaijan, the Talysh and Lezgins, as well as your constant manifestation of sympathy.

I want to assure that we stand by the legitimate struggle of the Talysh and Lezgin people. We are ready to contribute by all possible means to the ultimate goal of your struggle - gaining independence.

The Defense Army, as a sign of our good will, will not target the adversary military facilities located in Talyshstan and Lezgistan.

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