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“EU4Youth continues fostering entrepreneurial potential of the Armenian Youth”

The environmental issues of Armenia and the region, in general, have been of great interest to several organisations and groups in recent years. They take every possible action to prevent a regional ecological catastrophe, thus having their small input in the creation of Earth’s green future.

Social Entrepreneurship Ecosystem Development (SEED) is a similar action, one of the many important missions of which is to coordinate and implement ecosystem conservation works. From September 21-25 SEED together with Green Lane NGO launched the “Green week” event.

The event lasted for four days and consisted  of daily seminars and lectures aimed at involving youth in environmental work and united them around common environmental ideas in targeted communities. Themes of mentioned seminars and lectures was as follows: Sustainable Agriculture; High Value Agriculture; Environment, Women, and Politics; Green Learning Center as a Model for Green Agriculture; Agricultural and Household Waste Management; Green Technologies and Tools in Armenia; Organic Food Processing, Agro tourism Development during the COVID 19; Sustainable Development through Social Entrepreneurship; Successful Environmental Management Experience in Cattle Breeding; Organic Food and a Healthy Lifestyle.

During the "Green Week," the event participants learnt in detail environmental problems, their classification, causes, and prevention measures. At the same time, they learnt how to create environmental projects and apply for grants. Participants also learnt how to effectively manage received funds in the future.

The program organisers have applied to many local and foreign organisations to come up with their own initiative during the "Green Week", as the idea is widespread in many countries of the world and had positive outcomes in countries like Germany, France, Iraq, Russia and elsewhere.

At the end of the program, the whole event was summed up, during which the participants and other interested individuals voluntarily, for free, moved to the capital Yerevan with the support of the organisation, participated in more comprehensive and in-depth training. "Green Week" was not the only initiative of the program.

There have been similar events in the past, which had quite a tangible impact both on youth development and on the environment.


It was very significant that the organisers while working with schoolchildren come up with not only their own ideas and initiative but listen to the children's suggestions, thus stimulating their independent thinking and problem-solving skills. With this in mind, a competition was organised for schoolchildren to discover through videos any problems in their communities and offer solutions to them.

Before launching the program, the young people met with film director Ruben Ghazaryan from Kazakhstan, who gave them professional advice on how to approach the issue and how to talk about it in the best ways. Another environmental event was organised, during which the groups tried to present their ideas on how to save the planet Earth needed so much for humans right from human impact. 15 out of about 80 participants of the program were recognised as winners and got the opportunity to participate in special training in the capital․ They were also awarded eco-gifts.

The project “Social Entrepreneurship Ecosystem Development (SEED) for Green Growth in Borderline Communities“  is  supported by the European Union, under the EU4Youth programme and is implemented by CENN (Georgia) in cooperation with Green Lane NGO (Armenia) and Kakheti Regional Development Foundation (Georgia).

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