28 / February / 2020 : 17-37

US journalist speaks about Bush's position on Armenian Genocide

Fresno State journalism professor, retired executive editor of The Fresno Bee, Jim Boren spoke about his meeting with former US President George W. Bush, The collegian reported.

In his address to the students, Boren discussed some of the highlights of his career, like the time in 1988 when George H.W. Bush visited Fresno and Boren got the chance to pose a question to him. Boren asked Bush to discuss how he felt about the Armenian Genocide and Turkey’s role in it. Bush answered that Turkey should take responsibility for the genocide of Armenians. As a result of his reporting, Boren said, Bush’s answer on the issue was documented and used as a reference for others for years to come.

Boren retired from The Bee in January 2018 and began teaching courses in Fresno State’s media, communications and journalism department.

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