29 / February / 2020 : 14-02

Nikki Haley: US ramping up pressure on North Korean regime

U.S. permanent representative at UN, Ambassador Nikki Haley said Washington is ramping up the pressure on the North Korean regime.

“The U.S. Mission to the UN submitted today a list of designation proposals to the UN Security Council’s 1718 North Korea Sanctions Committee aimed at shutting down North Korea’s illicit maritime smuggling activities to obtain oil and sell coal,” says the statement posted by permanent mission.

On Friday Donald Trump announced the largest ever package of sanctions against North Korea. The list includes 56 vessels, shipping companies and trade businesses which, as believed in Washington, help North Korea to avoid sanctions.

This action coincides with today’s U.S. Treasury Department actions – the announcement of the largest-ever North Korea sanctions package – and is part of a coordinated U.S. government effort to continue the maximum pressure campaign on the North Korean regime and systematically shut down its maritime smuggling activities.

“Today’s unprecedented actions make it clear that the United States will not let up on North Korea. We are ramping up the pressure on the North Korean regime, and we’re going to use every tool at our disposal, including working with our allies and through the UN, to increase the pressure until North Korea reverses course. The world will not accept a nuclear North Korea,” said Ambassador Haley.

Trump announces largest ever package of sanctions against North Korea

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