15 / September / 2022 : 12-38

CSTO Secretary General to come to Armenia next week

(CSTO) Joint Staff, announced at a press briefing held Thursday morning in Moscow that a delegation led by him will arrive in Yerevan Thursday evening.

"Taking into account the fact that the Secretary General [of the CSTO] is currently participating in other major international events, (...) therefore, his flight to and arrival in the Republic of Armenia will be later; supposedly next week. As for the Chief of the [CSTO] Joint Staff, after the end of our event today, I will go to the airport and leave for Armenia with a group of officials of the joint staff," Sidorov said.

He emphasized that the group includes representatives of all CSTO member countries.

The proposal for a CSTO mission heading to Armenia was made by Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Sidorov noted that there is no question of sending CSTO peacekeeping troops to Armenia now, the aforesaid mission is heading for Armenia to get acquainted with the situation on the spot, and to find out the reasons and ways to resolve the current Armenian-Azerbaijani conflict.
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